Top 5 Movies of the Week – April 27 2008

1. Arai En 305il Kadavul – A fiesta of entertainment for all centres and of course, a great movie that can be enjoyed for the summer vacation. Santhanam and Ganja Karuppu with their best performance steal the show, but it is Prakash Raj who wins the accolades with his stunning realistic performance.

2. Santhosh Subramaniam – A remake of Telugu movie Bommarillu, remake bros Jayam Ravi-Raja have presented with a typical family entertainer. The film is something you can watch to relax yourself.

3. Yaaradi Nee Mohini – Again comes a Telugu remake titled Aadavari Maathlaadu Arthale Vaeru directed by Jawahar. Dhanush –Nayanthara combination has rocked with on-screen chemistry and Raghuvaran makes you sustain him in your minds right throughout the film.

4. Nepali– An annoying movie directed by VZ Durai has Bharath astounding with 3 different roles. The intimacy scenes framed between Bharath and Meera Jasmine isn’t emotionally touching and it’s a complete waste.

5. Sanda- Sundar C and Shakthi Chidambaram know for commercial movies have presented with their usual genres. The flick has traces of yesteryear Tamil movie Maapillai starring Rajnikanth in lead roles.

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