Top 5 films of the Week – Aug 15 2008

1. Kuselan – One of the best films directed by P.Vasu and the ever best performance by Rajnikanth. Superstar would have appeared in many of his previous films in different roles, but he has actually proved himself to be a great actor with this film. However, Pasupathy dominates all throughout film. Meena’s performance is so naturalistic and in contrast goes Nayanthara. Her character is more irrelevant to the film. G.V.Prakash could have done a better job and Aravind Krishna’s cinematography steals the show.

2. Dasavatharam – A magnum opus in the career of Kamal Haasan. Performing 10 roles doesn’t alone help for the film’s success, but the gripping storyline by Kamal Haasan does it. K.S.Ravikumar is the man behind the success of presenting the film so commercially. Lots of flaws are more blatant with the make-ups.

3. Subramaniapuram – An unexpected film at the unexpected time. Hitting the screens between the two biggies of Kuselan and Dasavatharam, the film has really made big at the box-office and a heartily congratulations for the entire team. Director Sasi Kumar shines well as an actor too…

4. Satyam – Vishal who has been donning mass hero roles opts for a different show. However, Its Kannada Superstar Upendra who is dominating the entire film. Nayanthara does wonder in her performance. Director Rajashekar should have worked more precisely on crafting the story in a better way.

5. Aayutham Seivoam – A moderate commercial entertainer that can be enjoyed if you watch the film without any expectations. Sundar C does justice to his role and his combo with Vivek is a great attribute for the film’s success.

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