Top 5 films of 2009

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Kollywood had faced lots of disappointments as none of the biggies happened to live on the expectation values. Previously on our exclusive, we got along with a sneak look into those terrifying flops and now we bring you the list of 5 films that saved our distributors and producers.

Arundhathi: For the first time, a dubbed film has made it on top of charts. As a matter of fact, this is a film that never had any leading heroes in title cards and still won laurels amongst the South Indian audiences.

2012: It’s a great year for producer Rama Narayanan of Sri Thenandal Films as he leaped with awesome profits with ‘Arundhathi’ and ‘2012’. The trade reports states that he acquired the rights for just Rs.55Lakhs and got a collection of Rs.9.5Crores.

Ayan: With Surya’s previous film ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ gaining him more popularity, ‘Ayan turned to be a great hit. Though, the film had more commercial ingredients to stand out on ‘LUCK’ factors. There were big releases in Tamil while Hindi films didn’t release in any centres due to producers-multiplex owners pettifoggery.

Padikadhavan: Prospects were pretty good as the team had substantial value. Sooraj- Dhanush-Thamannah made great waves out of publicity by Sun Pictures. Though, the film didn’t have any valuable stuff, Sun Pictures made it happen with aggressive marketing.

Peranmai: The film was produced at the cost of Rs.18Crores while the business was done for just Rs.14Crores. But the distributors are elated with the film’s collection at theatres.

These are the factual reports based on box office collections and not on quality basis. Keep logging into the other column where we have listed the films brimmed with best contents.

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