Top 4 actresses our heroes love

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Gone are those days when merely few actresses were dominating the film industry. Today, we find more and more stylish, sizzling and quite commendable missies making their debut every new day. It’s so hard for an actress to survive and however there are few today whom our heroes die to pair up with…

1. Nayanthara – Despites many failures during previous year, the actress remains on top and every actor wants to prefer her. At the moment, she has paired with Surya in ‘Aadhavan’.

2. Trisha – A Perfect Smart Move!! The actress went for a good ride with all leading senior actors. And as she’s looking a bit old to all the audiences, she has paired with young actors Aarya, Dhanush and Simbhu.

3. Thamannah – The girl failed to make an impressive start with unsuitable projects ‘KD’ and ‘Vyaapari’. But, her second innings is excellent. Vijay has offered her to perform female lead in ‘Urimai Kural’ his 50th film.

4. Anushka – Like Thamannah, the actress hadn’t fetched good offers after her debut in ‘Rendu’ with Madhavan. Now, she’s the most happening missy after her colossal success with ‘Arundhathi’. She has big tickets ‘Vettaikaaran’ with Vijay and ‘Singam’ with Surya.

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