Title change for Hari’s ‘Aruva’

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Here’s a jocular statement – If Hari starts planning to launch his own political party, then what it would be his party symbol? Don’t take many guesses; it would be his favorite weapon ‘Aruva’ as he happens to be the only filmmaker, who has used so many sickles in the history of Tamil Cinema.

With his upcoming film ‘Singam’ ready to hit screens in June, the filmmaker has openly mentioned that even this film will have lots of ‘Aruvas. Apart from this, he had titled his other film under the same name ‘Aruva’. This film features Dhanush and Thamannah in lead role and the shooting is slated to take off shortly within next couple of months.

But now we hear that Hari is planning to change the film’s title as the producers are insisting him to do so.

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