Time to say Goodbye for Trisha-Nayanthara

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Merely, Tollywood producers wouldn’t pay an actress a Crore for their best performance but for the more skin shows with micro-mini dresses they wear. Perhaps, Anushka had the fantastic physique of alluring looks as well proved herself to be an extraordinary actress with her recent release ‘Arundhathi’. Alas! But do you think Nayanthara is on that level? Definitely not, the actress has no idea about a good performance is and her only hopes are brimming with bikinis with a clumsy facial expressions. Not alone her, even we expected a lot that Nayan would somehow make up for the flops delivered in her previous films. Alas! It’s an awful spell by the actress. In Malayalam flicks, the actress has delivered her best performance and she shouldn’t have tried on glamorous grounds.

Wanna hear what women audiences in theatres say while Nayanthara appears on the screens? ‘Why’s so pathetic in her appearance? Does she think herself to be Angelina Jolie? A worst performance with low neck-low hip is all what Nayan means’

It was the same audiences who welcomed the performance of yesteryear Late Actress Silk Smitha. She as the only actress in the history of Tamil Cinema who won the appreciations of men as well as women audiences…

It’s really distressing to see that today’s heroines are not worthy to appear even for a song on the screens. Despites boasting that she has overwhelmed with an extraordinary performance in ‘Abhiyum Naanum’, Trisha wasn’t up to level of mediocre. Trisha kindly watch the performance of Radhika, Revathi or at least Simran and learn something from them…

At the moment, it’s Thamannah who happens to be only actress fit on both homely and glamorous roles. Well, things would be fine if she doesn’t worst offers like ‘Padikadhavan’, where her standard would get lowered. Even if the film wasn’t a hit, her performance in ‘KD’ was laudable.

Finally, it’s all about Tollywood ladies Anushka and Thamannah set to rule Kollywood.

And all that we can say for Trisha, Nayan and Sneha is ‘Bye…Bye… Look out for some other businesses.

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