Thuppakki and Podaa Podi on YouTube


Vijay TV has been setting the standards for quite a few years now and is always known for innovative strategies. The latest is that the channel which has the satellite rights of Vijay’s ‘Thuppakki’ and STR’s ‘Podaa Podi’ is planning to release the two films on YouTube.

Vijay TV will be airing both the movies on April 14 for Tamil New Year’s day. The films are expected to be released on YouTube soon after that. This is probably the first time that movies are getting released along with TV premieres. This will help in curbing piracy as ‘High Quality’ official prints would be available worldwide.

Such a new strategy not only gets the film directly to the fans, but also closes any possible piracy. And also revenue models could be worked out with release on YouTube with advertisements online.

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