Thiraivannan speaks about Katcheri Arambam romance

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Director Thiraivannan while speaking about Katcheri Arambam said,” In the film Jeeva comes to Chennai from a village because of some problems he faces. He will be walking in the road without a confused mind not noticing the water tanker’s horn sound. Before the water tanker dashes him, a hand pulls him. That is Poonam Bajwa. Jeeva faints. When he comes to senses, he sees the beautiful smiling face of Poonam Bajwa. Poonam’s compassion makes Jeeva love her. But Poonam does not agree for this love.

Poonam gets irritated when she hears the voice of Jeeva itself. So Jeeva meets Poonam’s friend Aarthi and tells her his love matter. He says,’ everybody dies for love but I escaped death and started loving. Because of this she will definitely understand my love.” Poonam who will be hiding, on hearing this runs and hugs Jeeva and accepts his love.”

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