Things you never knew about Namitha

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Namitha who is so sweet doesn’t like sweet things. She even avoids sugar for coffee or tea.

Whenever she gets free time, she rides in her Splendor bike on the ECR. She used ride on Yamaha bike during her college days.

She uses Sony Ericsson EXPERIA and the car she uses in BMW 3 Series.

Her birthday is on May 10. She goes to Tirupathi on her every birthday.

Her star is Taurus.

Pooja is her best friend. She is the only person whom Namitha meets regularly.

She has studied BA Eng Lit at Surat in MTP Arts College.

She has recently learnt the Tamil world Silumisham.

Her recent statement is that she will act in kissing scenes in spite of her glamour scenes.

Though she is a pure vegetarian, she has recently started eating non veg food. Her favourite dish is kebabs and fish.

Her favourite color is black and gold. Her wardrobe is filled with dresses in these two colors.

She does not smoke or drink. She avoids going to parties

Her favorite hangout is Taj Coromandel. She could be spotted there when she does not have her shootings.

She loses her coolness if anybody tries to reduce her salary. She says her salary is reasonable and she cannot reduce even a single pie.

Namitha is fond of cartoon films. Whenever she is at home she watches Disney channel. Even in her caravan she watches cartoon films.

Green Tea is her favourite drink at the shooting spot.

Whenever she goes to sleep she puts on the light, stereo and TV. Without the sound she cannot sleep.

Namitha’s family business is textile.

Every month she goes to her native place. The reason is she goes there to meet her brother’s child Yashmi.

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