Theatre Exhibitors cause havoc on Pyramid Saimira

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Tamil Nadu Exhibitors Association presided by Annamalai, president of the association was held yesterday here in Chennai. The meeting was about expressing their decision against Pyramid Saimira, Kavithalaya Productions and Seven Arts Production. Speaking on the occasion, Annamalai said, “The entire producers of the film had sold out the film lying to the exhibitors that it’s a full length Rajnikanth film. But, with the film flunking at the box office, the exhibitors especially the exhibitors of Trichy and other Southern parts of Tamil Nadu had requested producers for compensation. But they failed to answer for the calls of distressed exhibitors and theatre owners. So, we have decided in not cooperating with any of the films produced and distributed by Pyramid Saimira, Kavithalaya Productions and Seven Arts Production”.

Pyramid Saimira is already drenched with pathetic scenario with its operation shut down in North India and Bollywood. It had withdrawn the distribution of many Hindi films including the recent release ‘Shoot on Sight’ and backed off from producing Kamal Haasan’s ‘Marmayogi’.

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