The Significance of KM in KM Music Conservatory

He is referred to as the ‘Beethoven of the East’. And why not, he brought in Technology-based music to India and now, the great musician plans to start an authentic Indian orchestra. Rahman has put forward his first step and has established the KM Music Conservatory, which will act as a bridge between music, technology and culture. KM Music Conservatory establishment is not projected to cater to the needs of the film industry, though this may be its first objective. The music school is also expected to add a new element to popular Indian music. A.R.Rahman wants this music to acquire a global dimension with the help of a host of world-renowned mentors he has lined up to teach his school with a difference.

KM Music Conservatory is named after Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmeer. Also a devotee of the Sufi saint of Nagore, Kandoori Meeran Baba, Rahman is hoping to weave a magic of mysticism and music not only for his Indian following but also for his worldwide fans. Ghulam Mustafa Khan and his sons will “mentor” the department of Hindustani music and Srinivas Krishnan of the Global Rhythms Ensemble will be associated with the institution, which already has 150 enrolments. The vision of KM Music Conservatory is to eliminate every obstacle and provide an exemplary orchestra here in India.

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