The Reason for Why Vaalu and Vettaimannan decided to dropped at before ?


Past month STR sent shock-waves around Kollywood when he decided to drop out of his Vaalu and Vettaimannan movies

As of now there was no reason why STR made such a drastic decision or what the producer did to make STR make a decision like that. However unofficial sources have now come up with an explanation what really happened.
SS Chakaravathy of Nic Arts is the producer of both Vaalu and Vettaimannan movie of STR and the producer has raised a set worth of Rs 35 Lakhs for one of his movie. But not even one day of the shooting was held is the set and and set was wasted due to STR indifference to his call sheet. Infuriated by STR’s approach , The producer met him person and abused him , this has resulted in total clash between the both and which then led to STR’s dramatic decision to drop both his movies.
But STR’s father T.Rajendar seems to have intervened and and promised the producer that he could compensate for the loss by deducting the amount from STR’s salary and the issue has was amicably settled.

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