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The magazine ‘GLAMOROGUE’


Glamour and Rouge are two beauty elements that carry the hearts of youngsters in today’s generation. Lifestyle, Fashion, Business, Cinema, and Entertainment are the Five most wanted nature for the current youngsters, and accordingly, a perfect magazine ‘BLACK AND WHITE’ has launched their fresh venture, through their new magazine called ‘GLAMOROGUE’.

After their eight successful business ventures namely, ‘Indiafinity Solutions’ – Operating in India as subsidary of black and white, ‘Black and white pictures’ – Movie productions (Ongoing two indian movies), ‘We Marketing’, ‘First look cinema’ – Movie promotions media company, Square one events – Events management company, ‘Indexsia’ – Business information company, ‘Celebritrends’ – Entertainment e commerce company, ‘YNIolo entertainment’ – a modelling agency, the team BLACK AND WHITE founded in 2010 by Supankan as stepped into their nineth venture, the magazine called ‘GLAMOROGUE’.

Black and White International Group organized a high end fashion event for an exclusive audience and launched a magazine in name of “Glamourogue”. The event took place on July 8th, 2017 at 8.00 p.m at “Radisson blu Hotel”. The event commenced with traditional folk songs and Indian Classical dance and the welcome speech was given by Black and White International Group owner Mr. Supankan and he has explored the branches of ‘Black and white’ international group and his subsidiary brands.

Two kinds of sequences had been performed to showcase their designs to buyers and media, which was then followed by the launch of the magazine, in the presence of celebrities and intrigued readers. At the end of the event, Black and White international group Chairman Mr.Supan and Managing director Mr.Sajjan were given the awards to the celebrities to honour the best in their field.

Awardee list
Joy crizilda – celebrity designer
Sathya n j – fashion designer
Soundar – supporting actor
Vijayalakshmi devaraj – president awardee for working to empower women
Srimathi kesan – scientist
Nivetha joseph – upcoming celebrity designer
Anand kumar who worked for breast cancer awareness
Upcoming actors
Childhood actor – Mahendran
Social worker – Vaikunth
Juggler – Veera

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