The cupid arrow strikes hard in the box office


Tamil film industry had seen many success stories of a David unseating Goliath in the box office. The latest success story  has love all over it.  On the dot, Pyaar Prema Kadhal hitting screens worldwide yesterday (August 10) has settled conclusively with a grand opening.Trident Arts Ravindran, the man hailed by many as the man with the golden arm continues his golden run in the box office.
“Success in a film’s result can be branched out into couple of classifications. One that comes with tremendous opening and another tagged with emotional bliss. I am sure Pyaar Prema Kadhal belongs to both these  categories. A good opening that is assured because of a great soul searching music by Yuvan shankar raja.
Acquiring the worldwide release of this film, Ravindran claims that the film has witnessed an incredulous opening. “The expectations involving the film have been on perfect momentum from the beginning phase. Gradually, as the movie progressed towards the release, the anticipatory graph on the radar just took off to an unexpectedly huge magnitude. Thanks to the scintillating colourful visuals, Yuvan Shankar Raja sir’s musical magic and not to miss the sizzling chemistry between Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson. Naturally, with Elan’s engrossing package of storytelling and reflecting the contemporary generation, the audiences have connected well to the film. In addition, to see Harish Kalyan emerging out as a star of high caliber among the huge audiences is the greatest joy. My experience says that a new star in the horizon of stardom had arrived in Harish Kalyan.He is bound to travel a big way. The number of screens will be increased in the days to come.