Thankar Bacchan condemns Anandha Vikatan

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Filmmaker Thankar Bacchan is always infuriated when it comes to delivering speech in special junctures. Speaking to, he has commented that some of the most leading magazines have lost its reputation.

Adding more he said, “Today, not many media channels follow the proper ethics of writing film reviews. One of the happening newspaper writes complete synopsis of a film and completes the review with a one line verdict while there’s a magazine which gives not more than 45 marks (out of 100) for any film. If the writer is so critical in his reviewing, I’ll offer him Rs.50Crores and whatever budget he quotes….”

Also he commented that internet media channels are useless as there is no viewership.

One thing we would like to make sure Thankar Bacchan. You got more offers from foreign based producers and distribution of your films mainly because those personalities were conveyed good news about you through internets.

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