Thamannah’s verdict: Surya is simple, Karthi is cheerful

Thamanna while speaking to the media said,” After Paiyya I am pairing with Karthi for the second time. This combination has worked out well for this film also. The audience made Paiyya a great success. Because of this I got the opportunity to pair with Karthi once again. So I am very grateful to the audience for this. Karthi is a good performer and it is a good experience working with him. Many are asking me the difference between Karthi and Surya since I have worked with both of them.

Though both of them are brothers as far as acting is concerned both are good. I cannot forget the experience acting with both of them. If you see them in the shooting they will be jolly full and sweet. Surya is a gentleman and a simple person whereas Karthi is a jolly type and always keep others around him in a cheerful mood.”

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