Thamanna gives preference to Tamil films

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Thamanna is getting busier day by day in Kollywood. She is getting offers to pair with famous and popular heros. Tamanna while speaking about this said,” I am really happy that I have become such a big actress in Tamil and Telugu films in such a young age. I am very careful in retaining this position. South Indian films have given me good recognition. I am totally dedicative while acting in each film. I also want to do different kind of roles in each film. I am also concentrating on my roles that should be recognized. People should appreciate me by telling that I have done better in this film then my earlier film. So I am taking lot of effort.

Ananda Thandavam in which I have acted is to be released soon. I am currently acting in Ayan and Paiya. I have also been signed for the film Kanden Kadhalai. Though I am getting a lot of offers in other languages I give preference to Tamil films.”

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