Thala connect in Vaalu


Simbu’s upcoming film Vaalu has a strong connection with Thala Ajith. The actor, who plays a jobless North Madras guy in the film, plays an Ajith fan in the movie. The director of the film, Vijay Chander, says that the film has long been in the making and has been experiencing issues from the production house and the dates of the artistes involved. Moreover the title, ‘Vaalu’ was chosen specifically for this ‘Thala’ connect.

Since Santhanam is also present in the movie, the film is expected to be a laugh riot. Hansika plays a chatterbox and it looks like she has delivered her lines well with the perfect lip sync, according to the director.

There is a song that is supposed to be sung by T Rajendar and is yet to be recorded. Vijay is looking forward to coordinate with his cast and complete his movie as soon as possible.

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