Telugu film Tholi Valapu dubbed in Tamil as Hari

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Tholi Valapu is a title of a Telugu film which is being dubbed in Tamil with the title Hari. Sneha, Gopichand, Sudhakar and Sadha are starring in this film. The story is that Prem (Gopichand) lives with his friends in the city. His dream is to own a bike, and with some help from his rural agriculturist father (L.B. Sriram), he does get it.

However, on the first night itself it gets punctured, and because there is no mechanic around so late, Prem decides to park it in a nearby house for the night. The door is opened by a very pretty girl Soumya (Sneha), and the smitten and dumbstruck Prem manages to explain his predicament and leaves the bike and keys. The next morning when he goes to pick up the bike, he doesn’t find it, and the girl and her father (Chandramohan) completely deny any knowledge. Prem understandably gets riled and creates a ruckus, but to no avail. The story progresses and a thief is caught who admits to having burgled the house in question that night.

But the father continues to stoutly deny any such happening. This obviously creates some confusion, and then the burglar reveals that he also raped the daughter. There has to be a villain somewhere – enter wicked son-in-law Kailash (Ravishankar), husband of the elder daughter. A total MCP, he is still harping on the money he was supposed to receive from the marriage. He keeps doing all he can achieve this aim of his, even going to the extent of ruining Soumya’s marriage by telling the boy’s family that she was raped. He even proposes to marry her and have children, all for the property, of course. While he’s bad-mouthing her, Prem, who is still very much in love with Soumya, steps in and offers to marry her. They get married, and any normal film would’ve quietly ended here. But this one goes on and on.

There are songs and pregnancies and a whole lot of trials and tribulations, all because Soumya says she was raped. But that isn’t what has actually happened. This is being produced by Team 19 Creations. K V Ramana Rao has handled the camera. Vande Mataram Srinivas has composed the music for the lyrics penned by Annadurai Kannadasan. Sadhasivamurty has written the dialogues for the dubbed version. Muthiyala Subbiah has directed this film.

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