Tamilnadu has Four Actor Driven Parties

Tamilnadu has Four Actor Driven Parties

Tamil Nadu’s crowded political space now has four star-driven parties. And though Chief Minister and DMK leader M. Karunanidhi is not a movie star, he has written numerous scripts for Tamil films. The biggest movie star to take Tamil Nadu politics by storm was the legendary M.G. Ramachandran or MGR, who broke away from the DMK after accusing Karunanidhi of corruption and formed the AIADMK. MGR ruled Tamil Nadu for 10 long years until his death in December 1987.

After MGR’s demise, the leadership of the party was taken over by MGR’s leading lady on screen and actor-turned-politician J. Jayalalitha. In 2006, actor Vijaykanth set up his own party, the DMDK, and won an assembly seat for himself. Among the parties on the Left, actor Karthik heads the All India Forward Block. Actor Sarath Kumar set up his party in August 2007 and has had his first major conference Sunday, promising 33 percent reservation for women. Tamil Nadu is still waiting to see two leading actors, Kamal Haasan and Rajnikant, make their political affiliations clear.

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