Tamil Nadu’s ever biggest talent show in Raj TV

Lots of copycat shows in satellite channels and they keep repeating. Perhaps, Raj TV too carries clichéd show that would be starting soon. One among them is Airtel Top Singer where individuals aged between 15-40yrs are can participate revealing their voices. Well, everyone knows what could be the usual prizes that a talented winner can fetch: Providing opportunity as playback singer. Yes, it’s right over in the show for the final winner and there is something more that would throw you into absolute shock. Fine! Let’s not keep it dragged. The winners will be awarded with the cash amount of Rs. 1Crore.

The judges at various levels would be the famous playback singers of Tamil film industry Prashanthi, Vinaya, Benny Krishnakumar, Jayaraj Gopal, Sathyan, Rajalakshmi and Music Director Rehana…. To make the show look more interesting, a grand decorations of set has been erected. Playback Singer Krish, Anupama and Music Director Ramesh Vinayagam would be the main judges right throughout the show.

The show will be organized in different places in different rounds respectively. The first round will have 48 individuals from Trichy, Salem, Kovai and Madurai taking part in it. On the pars, the second round will have other set of 48 individuals from Chennai, Tiruppur, Erode and Nellai getting in.

40 would be selected out of 96 for the final rounds of show… Fine! You should be right guessing about who should be the anchor for such a big show? Actress Swathi who paired up with leading actors of Tamil and Telugu film industry will compeer the show produced by CHADEL VIDEOS…

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