Tamil film with a different experience

M3V could be termed as the first Tamil metro movie. This film has real difference of experience. Krishnan Seshadri Gomalam (KSG) who has worked as an assistant to Manirathnam and P C Sreeram is debuting as a director. KSG has been a businessman (selling jeans and TT balls), once owned India’s first Mexican Restaurant (Taco Tavern), then ran an ice-cream parlour. It was then that one of the parlour’s regulars, PC Sreeram saw the spark in him and asked him to be an Assistant Director in Meera. KSG is now ready with his first Tamil feature film, ‘M3V’.

Sathyajit, a professional photographer in real life, and Keevna, a doctor in London, are the lead pair and will debut in the movie. Besides them, there will be 98 other characters in the film, all of who are new faces. The movie will be new not just in terms of the story or screenplay. KSG has introduced 100 new faces, all of whom will play substantial roles. It is quite interesting to know that KSG has been the instrument for the terrorists who featured in the movie Roja (for which he was an Assistant Director) were actually customers to his ice cream parlour, whom he persuaded to act.

M3V is a metro movie because it shows life in a city’s perspective: a man can do what’s considered effeminate like wanting to tutor his children after work, and a woman outdo blockade generally imposed on her. ‘M3V’ will have music by Aslam Mustafa, art by Thottadharani and cinematography by Fowzia Fathima. The shooting is complete but the movie will be ready for a release in the next couple of months

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