Tamil Film Producers Council TFPC News – 21.10.17

Tamil Film Producers Council1

Tamil film industry has always been facing a threat from piracies, which has looked inevitable. With Tamil Film Producers Council strongly involved in its action to curb down the piracy rates, the emergence of Digital Platforms has eventually extended a helping hand as well. In the recent times, many new releases have found a huge reception on digital platform releases.
In fact, one of the intense researches has elaborated that audiences do not prefer pirated versions. But it happens in overseas and other parts of our very own region, where they might have not made their way to theatres during release times. Eventually, they are propelled by viral publicities to watch the film, which leads them to prefer this black market. But now with the emergence of Digital Platforms, it is eventually endowing them with a much upgraded and comfortable movie watching experience.
It is so much evident with Vishal starrer Thupparivalan (September 14) and Magalir Mattum (September 15) has taken a huge opening on Digital platforms. Hero Talkies released Magalir Mattum for the festive occasion of Diwali (October 18). Mysskin’s Thupparivalan starring Vishal in lead role has made is release through Amazon Prime (October 19).
The response towards this official releases with cinema hall watching experience with 5.1 surround system and HD visuals are getting tremendous reception. Such new attempts by not alone fight the piracies, but takes the top-notch Tamil films beyond boundaries and linguistic barriers.
This is an encouraging moment for everyone in the Tamil film fraternity, where the producers of big, medium and small budget movies can consult Producers Council and experience an additional benefit through such releases.