Tamil film industry’s cheap irritations on CM

These days, meeting chief minister for each and every simple reason seems to be an easy task. Much particularly, the film personalities of Tamil industry have made Chief Minister available to them at any point of time. The South Indian Artists Associations, Producers Councils and other units of Kollywood have been taking advantage of fixing appointments with Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi whenever they indeed insist.

Ever since Bhuvaneshwari was arrested under the act of prostitution, the Kollywood people have again started making their publicities.

With the actress making a threatening call that she will sooner leak the list of other actresses involved in prostitution, the jobless people in various associations have insisted Chief Minister Karunanidhi to settle the situation amicably.

In simple terms, Bhuvaneshwari shouldn’t trouble since she will reveal the name of other actresses.

Even a leading a journalist cannot fix an appointment with Chief Minister to fix an appointment, but each and every people of film industry do meet CM and click photos with him.

So, when police raid is order of the situation, the cops get stuck in terror as they witness the big photographs with CM glued over the walls.

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