Taare Zameen Par for Oscars

Over here in Kollywood, there are superstars and great directors who shell out lots of money and try making historical films with an idea that it would make its way into Oscars. Well, Aamir Khan is so different and attempts with differently. Earlier, his plans for making an entry with Lagaan were so fine, but the film failed to make it there for a longer duration and lots of songs.

But Taare Zameen Par with a shorter duration and see the theme is so appealing to the universal audiences. Might be this could win an Oscar for First Indian Film. Well, that’s not the reason what Suneel Darshan, official member of Indo-Oscar Committee what he says? “Taare Zameen Par won laurels across the critics and audiences, fetching collections of Rs. 131Crores of business across the World. The film centered on a child affected by Dyslexia and abandoned by the parents, neighbors and teachers. But his only hope is a temporary arts teacher who makes his way not just into the school, but walks into the life of the kid changing it forever.

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