T P Gajendran speaks about Magane En Maarumagane

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T P Gajendran has completed the film Magane Maarumagane and is now busy shooting Thattha, Kadhal Dadha. While speaking to the media, he said,” Magane En Maarumagane is my 21st film. I have given importance to comedy in all my films. In my film Budget Padmanabhan, Vivek’s comedy was the highlight. It was also the turning point in his career. He went to the top because of this film. Because of this he will be acting in all my films. There was the hero role which would suit Vivek, so I have casted him as the hero.

After this film, he is likely to get more offers to do the lead roles. With regard to the story, Magane and Maarumagane are the two heroes. Mithun dons the role of the son while Vivek dons the role of a son-in-law. The story is very strong with amazing comedy. I have seen so many films but I have not seen a film like this. There is no doubt that this film will lure all the audience.

Rajendran, Rajarathinam, Ravindran and Raghunathan of Raj Television Network had helped me to make this film without any hitch. The most exciting this they have made me a producer on the basis of first copy. This is the most unforgettable thing in my life.”

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