Swami Nithyanandha in K.V. Anand’s ‘Ko’

HTML clipboardBe it topmost filmmakers like Ram Gopal Varma or comedy actors, they have all started focalizing their attention on Ashram jokes. Much importantly, Swami Nithyanandha and his affair with Ranjitha have made it more interesting for them. When Ram Gopal Varma is busy making preproduction researches on ‘God and Sex’, K.V. Anand too has interwoven this issue in his upcoming film ‘KO’. Featuring Jeeva in the lead role of a photo journalist, an entire incident gets shot in montages over a camera and its’ something that happened in the Ashram. It’s mainly because of this, he gets chased over the roads and the scene pertaining to this situation was shot in Pondicherry followed by Bangalore. The film’s couple of schedules has been completed and is fast rolling on the floors. Harris Jayaraj has scored music for this film, which is produced by RS Infotainment.

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