Surya’s scenes deleted in Aadhavan, Vadivelu exults

Per chance, it’s time to sit back and worry down for Surya while for Vadivelu, it’s jumps for joy. The Diwali release ‘Aadhavan’ has fetched worst reviews in media channels except those networks that have acquired the satellite rights.

Of course, you cannot stop the facts let straight from the shoulders of audiences, who’re spending a lot to watch the film. According to them, they’ve felt that the film is too lengthy in duration. With no options left in hand, K.S. Ravikumar had to depart his assistants to all theatres and analyze the audiences’ psychology and really they did witness the same feedbacks.

Now, the filmmaker has deleted 20mins from the original duration of 2 ½ hrs flick. He has clearly insisted his assistants that none of the sequences of Vadivelu should be deleted and only about Surya and other characters. It has been announced that even Surya’s introduction sequence of playing mouth organ has been deleted and every single unwanted shots of the actor and baddies have been lifted (as a matter of factor Surya’s fans themselves hadn’t liked the artificially choreographed stunt sequences in the assassination drama’.

So, if ardent buffs of Vadivelu were disappointed with his scenes having been deleted in ‘Kanthaswamy’, they can delight with ‘Aadhavan’.

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