Surya’s breathtaking stunts in Ayan

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He looks more trimmed and younger than his previous films…. Yeah! Surya whose enchanting performance in ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ had breezed a penchant stroke amongst everyone is now pitching with more enthuses for ‘Ayan’. Directed by cinematographer-turned-filmmaker K.V. Anand, the film started rolling say, around 4months back in time and it’s almost completed now.

K.V. Anand says, “Surya has been one-such personality refreshing him for every seconds and of course his aggressiveness of right actions yields us a better fine-looking outputs. One such illustration would be his spellbinding stunts performed at South Africa. Jumping down the down the steep rocky hill of around 600ft, he executed those actions sans dupes”

Also tots up, Ayan would be more commercialized than Kana Kanden. As Prithviraj, Bollywood actor Akash Deep Seigal is sure to make high waves in the town…

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