Surya Reveals How he Fell in Love with Jyothika


I met her in 1999, when she was shooting her first film Poovellam Kettuppar, which happened to be my fifth film. Even though my career was not successful at that time, she became a big star post the film. I was attracted to her for her sincerity. Even though she was a Mumbai girl, who did not know Tamil, she learnt the language and would not fumble with her lines being the only woman amongst men on the set. She had no ego and I liked the way she would treat her assistants and I saw her grow as an actor. But we did not share mobile numbers till three years later, when I was passing her set, trying to avoid her which she saw and asked her assistant to call me. She said, ‘Why are you not saying a hi to me?’ She was a big star, while I was still struggling and was doing a film Nandha with Bala at that time.

We started talking and I also invited her to open a snooker joint for one of my friends. My actual big break also came through her for Gautham Menon’s Kaakha Kaakha, in which she had already been cast. She could not sit in the audience, watched Nandha from the projector room and recommended me to Gautham that made him cast me. We got married in 2006, post which Jo stopped working. I like the fact that she has always been clear-headed about her opinions and people, is humble and takes good decisions.

Also unlike her, I was not as close to my family and she taught me how to become a good father and disconnect from work at home. She makes me give my kids a bath, take them for a drive, put them to sleep and spend time with them. We are good friends and I don’t hide anything from her. Unlike me, who is boring, she is fun and speaks a lot. Apart from my director Bala, who always made me realise my potential, she instilled confidence in me. I think Jo likes me being this simple and shy guy despite the family I belong to.”