Surya and K.V. Anand to remake again

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Maybe, for most of the genuine fans of Surya, K.V. Anand, the film ‘Ayan’ might have been an excellent film, but the fact is that it was copycatted from various Hollywood movies. For the second time, they will be joining hands together for a big budget movie produced by AGS Entertainment.

The producers in AGS Entertainment have been carelessly spending their money into various projects that in no way have earned them profit so far.

Right now, K.V. Anand is busy copycatting some of the sequences from Hollywood’s ‘State of Play’ that had Russell Crowe in lead role. ‘KO’ has Jeeva, Karthika, Ajmal and Piyaa in lead roles and will have the audio launch in August.

The project of Surya and K.V. Anand will take off by February 2011 soon after the release of Surya’s ‘7 AUM Arivu’.

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