Suriya’s revisit of ‘Saravanan’ in ‘Ezham Arivu’

Actor Suriya has been constantly working day and night in many projects without taking any breaks. The actor had to strain himself acting in different roles from film-to-film and the queue doesn’t seem like ending. He is now busy working on his bilingual movie ‘Ezham Arivu’ directed by A.R. Murugadoss and produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin. The film features in a completely unusual role, in which he plays the role of a circus clown. One particular scene in the movie insisted him to look so fatigue, tired and very thin due to continuous working and improper rest.

Says Suriya: “During those days, when I started working as an employee in garment factory, I used to work 15hours a day without taking any rest and skip my food as well. In fact I used to fall down sleeping while riding the bike for I had to travel nearly 70Kms a day. Today I stand elated in film industry for it has paid good results for my hard work. Even though it is a single scene that will have me spotted in a tired and thin look, I went through serious diet control and didn’t eat for many days properly. Even my father was scolding me, I used to keep myself strictly stuck to it. I am sure audiences will appreciate my work that has come out realistically…”

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