Suresh with Chinna Thalapathy

Having completing his impending films Nepali and Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moonram Aandu Bharath is now getting ready for his next venture titled Arumugam, which is to be directed Suresh Krishna. Suresh Krishna has come out with an interesting and credible script which will take Bharath to great heights. Director Suresh Krishna, who has directed the superstar in many a film, including his most-loved Baasha, is back after a brief hiatus.

Bharath is quite happy to work with a director who has done a stupendous work in Baasha and Annamalai. Bharath has two other films on hand one being Tiruthani by Perarasu and other being Seval by Hari. Both these films are action flicks. Bharath is of the opinion that people have now identified him as an action hero hence he has to think twice before committing to soft roles.

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