Suresh Gopi and Kushboo Inaugurates Craft Hospital Care

Chennai, November 14, 2012: CRAFT Hospital & Research Centre specialized in infertility treatment has inaugurated its Chennai Kilpauk centre on 14th November 2012 by Dr. Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR medical university. Actor and socialist Sri.Bharat Suresh Gopi have inaugurated the Andrology and sexology department. Also cine artist Mrs.Suhasini Maniratnam and Mrs.Kushboo Sundar inaugurated the laparoscopy and infertility departments.

Craft Hospital is well equipped with a wide range of the latest diagnostic & therapeutic equipment and state of the art facilities. Craft is completely self sufficient and offers you all the necessary treatment under one roof. Also Craft assures impeccable diagnosis which is the key to providing proper treatment and care.

Expressing his delight on this occasion, Dr.Mohammed Ashraf, Chairman of Craft hospital said,

“With over two decade of experience Craft has wide range of infertility treatments starting from IVF, ICSI, TESE ICSI and the latest Micro Tees ICSI for the worst cases of male infertility. After serving in Kodungallur, a small town in Kerala, Craft started its centre in Calicut and expanded to Middle East and today we are proud to launch and serve in Chennai. Craft also plans to launch its centers in Bhubaneswar, Goa and New Delhi in the near future. Our successful freezing method of excess embryos, assures a couple very high pregnancy rates to the tune of 60 % to 70 % and there are more than 300 couples now who had 2nd and 3rd children in a span of 3 to 4 years with just from one IVF & ICSI. It’s again a uniqueness of Craft”.

Pregnancy is the hope that makes the lives of couple meaningful. Early detection of the cause, individualized treatment, proper counseling, and follow-up is the thumb rule of Infertility care. For delivering successful infertility care and satisfying patients, a centre needs to have a highly sophisticated and state of the art laboratory, multi-specialty medical care facility, including an upper level neonatology centre and highly trained medical and technological team. As the leader in the infertility treatment, Craft has ‘Babies of original parentage’ policy.

Inaugurating the Craft Centre Dr.Mayil Vahanan Natarajan commented, “In today’s world, It is a well established fact that, the medical condition of infertility is on the rise among the human race. The causes can be disintegration or transformation of the family structure, life style changes, food habits, all spheres of atmospheric pollution or all together. It was considered as a curse, but the medical and technological advancement made a revolutionary change in the entire saga of treatment, but still a lack of awareness persists among the general public and I am sure Craft will play its role to fulfill the gap”.

According to a report, in India, 13 % of ever-married women were childless in 1981 (Rural 13.4% and urban 11.3 %) which increased to 16 % in 2001 (Rural 15.6 % and urban 16.1%). Over half of married women were childless in 1981, which increased to 70% in 2001. Today, it is estimated that nearly 30 million couples in the country suffer from infertility.

Earlier childlessness in a couple used to be talked about in hushed tones, with the problem, without doubt, being attributed to the women. Today, infertility is no longer recognized as only a female problem.

About Craft Hospital & Research Centre

CRAFT Hospital & Research Centre is excellence in infertility treatment with advanced technology in IUI, IVF, ICSI, Laparoscopic surgery & Neonatology. With the India’s highest number of IVM & ICSI babies, CRAFT has self sufficient state of art facilities with a wide range of diagnostic & therapeutic equipments under one roof. First time in the universe, CRAFT has launched unique money back policy for couples in the name of IVF Suraksha. CRAFT academy of reproductive science is a recognized centre for FNB course in reproductive medicine. CRAFT is the first ISO 9001 -2000 accredited infertility centre in India. Craft is also first centre for video endoscopic surgery and IUI in Kerala.

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