Superstar’s charity for Kavithalaya Productions

If Kuselan is sold for a whole sum of Rs. 63Crores, obviously its because of superstar Rajnikanth and he has paid his tribute to his master K. Balachandar. Director K. Balachandar of Kavithalaya Productions has been incurring heavy losses with some of his previous films. However, after getting geared up huge profit for the film Kuselan much before the film’s release, he has started producing 3 other films.

Thiruvannamalai starring Arjun in lead, Jeevan starrer Krishnaleelai and remake of Ninaithalae Inikkum in Hindi directed by his assistant director Udhayabhanu. On whole, Rajnikanth has brought in new light into the lives of K.Balachandar who remained in gloomy situation over for a long time.

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