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Sundar.C after the tremendous success of his Comedy blockbuster Theeya Vella Seiyannum Kumaru hit the headlines yesterday for 2 reasons, One was about a possible reunion with Thala Ajith after Unnai Thedi 1999 and the other was about when he said he can’t direct Vijay due to his lack of Narration skills.
The second reason went Viral as many news-site twisted the story as Sundar.C admitting that he would never with work with Vijay.what Sundar.C actually said was “He just can’t Direct Vijay, As Ilayathalapathy would finalize a project only after hearing the story, though he is good at screenplay writing he is not expert in narrating a story and therefore unless he trains himself in story narration he just can’t get Vijay to say yes for his movie”.
Sundar.C’s wife Kushbhu who also shares very good rapport with Ilayathalapathy Vijay, after coming across these twisted reports had this to say..

khushbusundar @khushsundar

Some confusion somewhere..sundar nvr said he won’t direct vijay..both r hardworking individuals..need 2 right space n frame of mind 2 do so.

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