Sundar C Babu’s unforgettable moment with Mukesh Ambani

Music Director Sundar C Babu, the reigning music director of Kollywood has been well acclaimed through the astounding musical score for various films. But, his recent release ‘Nadodigal’ has shot him to more fame now. As well, he is scoring music for the ‘Nadodigal’ remake in Kannada, Telugu and Hindi as well.

Speaking to the media channels, Sundar C Babu said that although his films don’t have big actors, he doesn’t care about it. ‘As a matter of fact, I compose music for the film’s script and what it demands, but not for the actors’ added the ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’ man.

Adding more, he said that his unforgettable moment in his life was that about shaking hands with Mukesh Ambani. ‘Mukesh congratulated and insisted me to make my debut soon in Bollywood…’

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