Sunaina speaks on Arulnidhi

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Actress Sunaina is just 3 films old and sooner got herself into lots of romantic links with co-star Nakul and a controversial issue with Jai Akash. It looks like ‘Vamsam’ will be the first film to feature her in the best role. Even Sunaina herself assures that Vamsam has been the most challenging part in her career.

Recently, in an interview the actress was supposed to speak about her co-star Arulnidhi and said that he was such decent guy and is completely occupied about delivering best shots. On the film sets, he doesn’t speak to anyone and keeps on focusing about the film. Even at times, when he is supposed to deliver the lengthy dialogues, he is used to do it at a single shot.”

The film is directed by Pandiraj and is produced by Arulnidhi’s father. Sunaina also requests the media channels not to relate her romantically with Arulnidhi as it happened with her co-stars in previous films.

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