Suhasini and her assumptions

“She assumes to be the most acclaimed film critic, since her evaluation of flicks goes most of the times so senseless” says a famous filmmaker of Tamil film industry. A year ago, ‘Hasini’s Pesum Padam’, a TV show on Jaya TV starrer commenced. In general, Suhasini is a lady who keeps blabbering in all situations and keeps boasting that her husband alone, one of the best lollapaloozas. Now, taking up each and every film, is it Hollywood and Bollywood: Does she believe herself to be more versed in films as World’s best film critic as Christopher Null. It was so pathetic to see her commenting on Yash Chopra’s flicks and even the best Hollywood films.

Then, we are there ready to analyze the traits of Mani Rathnam’s forthcoming flicks…

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