Subramaniapuram finally goes to Tollywood

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Director Sasi Kumar’s ‘Subramaniapuram’ had no ends for gaining glorious awards throughout the arena of film industry. Indeed, fetching the best path breaking movie of the year award by Maathru Bhoomi Magazine, the film sets out to Tollywood. Well, it’s not a remake but just the dubbed version titled ‘Ananthapuram 1980’. As known to everyone, the film had Director Sasi Kumar himself, Jai, Swathi and Ganja Karuppu in lead roles.

Earlier, producers had planned to remake the film and precisely the rates were fixed for around Rs. 1Crore. But then, as they felt the locales and backdrops wouldn’t be apt for the Andhra audiences as the real taste would be lost. So, they had decided to just dub the film. With Swathi peaking the charts in Tollywood, the film has already raised more expectations amongst there.

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