STR Talks About Nayanthara , Hansika and Harshika

simbhu and nayan

Actor STR’s last film film release might have been way back in 2012, But the Manmadhan of Kollywood has never been off headlines. The Stylish STR recently opened up in an interview to The Hindu and talked about Nayanthara, Hansika and his recent controversy, Here are some highlights from the interview

Regarding the Harshika Kissing Video controversy – STR said on the day the video released i was flooded with messages.. “I asked them what i did in the video ? They said you kissed a girl. Did i stab anyone with a knife, i just kissed right…Everyone does it ! Next time i plan to put up a video with better lighting. But it wasn’t me in the video”.

On acting with an ex in Nayanthara – “Firstly, me and Nayan did not have a fight of any sorts, we just didn’t get along at that point of time and hence we broke up. There is nothing between us, she minds her business i mind mine and Hence it’s easy to act together”.

If Hansika or Nayanthara comeback to propose to You ? – “No matter who it is, if a girl comes and says i love only you and i want marry you then i would definitely do. I should like the girl 100% that’s it”.

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