Story about Vaamanan revealed…

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With no biggies expected for this weekend, it’s ‘Vaamanan’ has raised a slight expectation amongst the audiences. Merely because, Actor Jai had some good films on his career including ‘Chennai 600028’ and ‘Subramaniapuram’ and that indeed has got him some popularity. With the film hitting screens tomorrow, we got to hear some insights about the film’s storyline that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

According to them, the film is about a young lad who travels all the way from Salem to Chennai seeking for a chance as hero in Tamil film industry. Over here he meets a gal who doesn’t believe in love and falls for her. Meanwhile, the girl is pulled into a serious situation where she’s shot in a porn movie and threatened. How this guy who doesn’t have any greatness dumps down the baddies and saves her forms crux of the story.

We have got to wait and watch if this is the original story.

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