‘Stop Comparing me with my Guru’- A.R. Rahman

Comparisons are merely present only in India, especially in Bollywood and Kollywood where you don’t get to see even a single media channel ending it’s day without pulling one’s legs by raising one’s name above them…. Now it has turned to be a hot topic in South India, especially the Tamil Film Industry where many have been debating the issue of who’s greater between ‘Ilayaraja’ and his protégé ‘A.R. Rahman’. None are least or greater than anyone. If you ask us, it would be the apt reply. Perhaps, we’re sure there isn’t any big reason other than this.

A.R. Rahman was bit distressed addressing the throngs gathered for his felicitation on Sunday Evening where his mentor Ilayaraja and M.S. Viswanathan were present. Speaking on the occasion, he said, ‘I was bit disappointed watching media channels especially certain websites that were continually passing abusive comments by comparing Ilayaraja sir with him. He’s the great master of all times and I’m nothing when compared to him… Elder Musicians like him laid the foundation and I’ve represented them for these awards’.

As the standing applause that was witnessed for around 10mins when Ilayaraja spoke was the highlighting factor and Rahman on this said, ‘This is something more prestigious and that’s the result of Ilayaraja and Oscars is no where compared to this’.

Well, Ilayaraja and Rahman had graduated from the same school of Trinity Music College of London and there were some more similarities between them as their masters of Classical music were ‘Dhanraj’ Master.

When Ilayaraja happens to be special with his orchestration structure A.R. Rahman mastered the best of all sound engineering. So, it’s precisely evident that both of them have been trendsetters of various periods…

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