Srikanth with top-notch projects

Life after marriage seems to be chilling out for Srikanth and that’s more evident with the projects he is handling at the time. Due to some problems with his wife before marriage, he wasn’t able to focus more on his career and that scenario didn’t prolong for a long time. Putting hard efforts, the actor is brimming up with many offers. At present, he is busy shooting for Sasi’s directorial ‘Poo’ that features him in the role of a guy moving from village to city for college studies. Well, in Ettappan he plays the no one but a greedy selfish baddie who is not worried about others and seeks triumph over others’ lamentations. Apart from these films, he is also involved shooting for the film ‘Indiravizha’ directed by K.Rajeshwar.

Manirathnam’s associate director Sudha will soon direct a film that is a double hero subject. Speaking about the film, Srikanth speaks out that script is the main strength and other hero is yet to be confirmed.

On the parallel pars, he has signed for couple of Telugu projects and launch of his couple of other Tamil movies ‘Dhatchana’ directed by Jawahar and S.T. Sabha’s Ma would be launched during next month…

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