Srikanth a gadget freak

Srikanth who is currently busy with Etappan, Poo and many more is a gizmo freak. He just can’t be without his favourite portable DVD player. It’s a Panasonic with a 10 inch screen. He also has a Philips with a 10.7 inches screen.

These two gadgets make sure he never runs out of movies to watch wherever he is. Srikanth always carry around 200 DVDs in his hand baggage when he travels, so that if he is caught up anywhere he can just use the time to see movies. He enjoys watching all kinds of films including foreign language ones. He also carries his Play station wherever he goes. He is currently on the verge of finishing one game. It’s a war game.

Srikanth usually updates himself with the latest stuff when he goes abroad. He always makes it a point to visit an electronics shop especially when he is in Singapore, Malaysia or Europe. He also updates himself on the latest games from the in-flight magazines. He has the Medals of Honour PS 3 right now.

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