Special screening of Nadodigal in Kerala

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Nadodigal is doing great business throughout Tamil Nadu. The film was screened yesterday in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. Director Samudrakani, Actors Vijay, Bharani, Actresses Anaya, Abhinaya and Santhani Deva were present during the screening. After the screening Samudrakani spoke to the media. He said,” I had finished the Nadodigal story in the year 2003 itself. But it took six years for me to bring this film on the screen. I had narrated the story to many leading actors.

But all of them told me to change the story according to their convenience. But I refused to change the story, but now after 6 years I have reaped the benefit. This film is running successfully in 160 theaters. A film will not run if there is a super star in it. The audience will welcome if there is a good story and Nadodigal is one such example. Nadodigal is a real incident which happened in my life. Pirated CDs were out on the second day of this film release. But in spite of this film is running successfully.”

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