SP Cinemas Production no.2


Cinema is an art of  Sound and Light. In fact top notch Hollywood Studios strive hard to get the best Sound Designers for their films as they understand the nuances of how Sound enhances the Visual Experience. Taking a leaf out of this  SP Cinemas producing their Production No. 2 starring Arulnithi , Directed by Barath Neelakandan has roped in the talented and well reputed  Udayakumar.T as a sound designer for their venture. Udhayakumar.T is an acclaimed Sound Designer and Audiographer who has worked in more than 300 films across all languages. 
He is recipient of  Tamilnadu State Award for the film “Peranmai”. “It gives us immense pride and joy to be associated with a brand name like Udhayakumar.T who has carved a name for himself in the field of Sound. The Director Barath Neelakandan is particular on excellence and so are we. As a producer i am very happy to bring the best of talents together and i am sure these talents will ensure a great Cinematic Experience and visibility which is a must in today’s trade” said producer Sankar with pride.

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