Sonia Agarwal has no idea about her second marriage

Sonia Agarwal while speaking to the media recently said that she couldn’t even think about her second marriage. Sonia Agarwal had acted films like Kadhal Kondain nad 7 G Rainbow Colony. Both the films were directed by Selvaraghavan. At that point of time romance blossomed between Sonia Agarwal and him. Then both of them got married. But this marriage did not last for long. Due to different of opinions both of them parted ways and got divorced.

After this, Selvaraghavan fell in love with Gitanjali. The engagement between the two took place recently. The marriage will also be taking soon. There was also news that Sonia Agarwal will also be getting married soon. When asked her about this, she said,” I am not even able to think about my second marriage now. Apart from this I am not that much old. I am planning to get married after enjoying every thing in life. Now I will be concentrating in cinema only.”

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