Sona says that she has no faith on men

Popular glamour actress Sona has now jointly produced the film Kanimozhi with T Shiva. Now she is gearing up to direct a film. While speaking to the media, she said,” The film Kanimozhi has come out well. I produced this film because I liked the story. This film has a philosophical romantic story. The state of art technology has been used for this film. Jai and Shashan Padamsee have done the lead roles. Sripathy Rangasamy has directed this film. I am also producing a film titled Bhagyaraj 2010.

After these two films I have planned to direct a film. Many are asking me that when I am going to get married. I have never given a thought about it. I don’t have faith in men. They can only be my friends but not a husband. Many are asking me to write my autobiography. I don’t have that idea. But I am planning to make a film about my life. I am also not interested in politics. If any political parties approach me to campaign for the forthcoming elections, I will not campaign. I don’t have any experience about politics. After five years I might think about politics.’

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