Snigitha’s cruel act

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Actress Snigitha made her presence on the screen for a song ‘Kathala Kannala’ in ‘Anjathey’. And much before her film could released, the missy has started making more demands from her director causing havoc in shooting spots. At the moment, the actress is busy shooting for couple of films ‘Rajathi Raja’ and ‘Nandhalala’ simultaneously.

Day before yesterday as she completed shooting for a schedule in ‘Rajathi Raja’ she had to fly back to Mumbai. But, Director Shakthi Chidambaram was disturbed a lot getting frequently called up by her that she wouldn’t get into flight, unless ticket is booked at executive class for her. Also, the unit members added that she has been creating problems in the shooting spots over for a long time that she wouldn’t stay in any place other than 5 star hotels.

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